“Bulkheads are used in diverse commercial & residential applications where there is a necessity to enclose certain existing fixtures or to enhance the aesthetic significance of a ceiling. Bulkheads can be installed in alternative sizes and a range of positions.”

Skilz  allows its customers to purchase a range of kitchens and joinery products exclusively intended to convene the needs of up to date living. As the core of your home, it should suit your personality, lifestyle stress and adjoin significance to your property. The issue of space is always critical when considering what to make your kitchen into. We offer you expertise in making the most of whatever space you have in your kitchen.

Peninsular Kitchen

It can be much squashed nonetheless permits for a good amount of worktable and storage space if planed efficiently. With smart solutions such as base drawers, use of room is maximised

Galley Kitchen

It can suffer from a lack of storage as there is limited space for both wall and both wall and base units. Larder units’ are a useful option to provide extra storage.

L-shaped Kitchen

It provides a huge amount of breathing space and plenty of partition and storage space. Generally, it has a large corner cupboard and commonly leaves one corner of the room free to be used as a dining or sitting room.

Curved Kitchen

More workspace and storage space is offered. However, if too many wall units are used, this can feel quite enclosed. Limited floor space for seats may make a breakfast bar on one side a fine preference.

There is much to admire in the kitchen, from the moulded doors and skirting, to the turned posts, corbels, fretwork and dentil mouldings. It is beyond doubt a kitchen that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Fitting kitchen cupboards requires some carpentry skills and some ordinary brains but mainly it needs the fundamentals of how and why you are following directives. This is because the majority of units are sited jointly the similarly or at slightest by the identical values. These trendy and striking additions to your residence permit you to amuse, chat, and construct a central point for any room. We recommend a mixture of styles from informal wrought iron and glass, and tropical bamboo. Some kitchen wall units are hung onto brackets and others are screwed through the back or sides. The ones that are supposed to be screwed through the back or sides will always have special strengthening timbers fitted or they will be made up of 15mm boards. You should never attempt to hold up a unit by screwing through flimsy hardboard back