Home Interiors


“Undersized housing gradually more feels overcrowded with terribly many walls. Concrete wall might be spelled complete for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, walls in the living room, family room and dining room can be reduced so that the residence feels airy and comfy.”

To accommodate activities in the house can be in a series of melodious living. Its main aim is to preserve natural lighting and air movement. The enormous wall in the home may be sacrificing air flow and lighting. As a result the house is scorching, airless and damp. The circumstances are not idyllic for stifling house. Skilz has the answer on how to get the environment changed.

Aperture width

Aperture width is practical in the living room and dining room. The appearance can be either sliding doors or folding doors. The wide opening is directed out of the house to the park, pool and onto the veranda. Aperture width can also be useful to the main bedroom having a classified patio or backyard. With a wide opening, two things at once can be achieved. These are; the feature of ordinary light and air movement and the room that can be stretched when required.

Movable partition

Several contemporary households minimize the living room while others even get rid of them. Because of limitations in room, present day families hardly ever have guests who require unique rooms thus they rarely use living rooms. In such cases, partitions that can be detached, moved, folded are the alternatives.

Make-believe partition

This is also known as an imaginary partition and it is made of wood scraps. It is a kind of home furnishing that is a division which gives the impression of space. However, daylight and air movement is not sacrificed. At Skilz, we can make a lot of inventiveness in cases like these. Oak gives a classic accent to the house that makes cozy sensation of the house. It makes a room more beautiful if used to make walls, roof or the floor. Therefore a flexible combination of contemporary furnishings and ethnic is created. Displays on the partition do not only smarten the room but also serves to cover faults and emphasise the compensation of a room. Another way is to have a hole in an apartment wall in order to divide it into two parts.