Drywall Partitions

Drywall Partitioning, an effective method to divide open areas into smaller rooms by the use of a track and stud system. Plaster is skimmed over the joints to ensure a flat continuous look. Aluminium doors and windows are easily installed. Drywall partitioning is quick to install and most typically used in Office, Industrial and Commercial buildings.

The lightweight construction, speed of erection, low cost, fire resistance and sound ratings have won this system wide acceptance throughout the building industry.
Fire rating: Maclok Drywall (76/89 mm partition) has a 30 minute fire rating. For further details as well as information on 60 minutes plus fire ratings please consult with our technical staff.

Prefabricated door and window modules increase the speed of erection and reduce time spent on site. This translates into savings on labour and enables more installations to be done in the same amount of time.

The system is comprehensively designed and manufactured with only the best quality raw materials.

The versatility and quality of the Maclok Drywall System, make it the obvious choice for all drywalling requirements.

Attractive Slimline Glazing Mullions and transoms can be created by clip fixing the required aluminium male section onto its four legged female partner which has already been fixed into position.