Products & Services

We are driven by a vision:to control a large market share therefore our products are archetypal and affordable thus endure whichever change in the trend.

Our mission is to produce high quality products and to deliver excellent services to our clients hence our motto, “kugona basa kuriita nemazvo” (working sincerely produces exceptional results).

The designs produced at Skilz are resilient because we use the best resources like real oak and teak to manufacture fine products. Clients obtain the best beyond what they see in our showroom since we design furnishings to suit their personality and business desires.

In addition, our personnel are proficient therefore they highly value and identify with the customer’s needs. The team comprises of highly skilled experts; architect designs, carpenters, ceiling fixers, joiners, machinists and spray painters; who are backed by highly sophisticated and up-to-date machinery; cross cut machines, combination planes, lath machines, ripping saws, mitre saws and grinders among others. It is this combination of a committed workforce and technological advancement that places us as the number one choice for today’s customer. We comprehend our client’s requirements; consequently, we are flexible to construct goods that meet their specifications.

Protection and safety measures come first to us. Generally, the machinery in our industrial unit poses high danger if not appropriately handled. Consequently, all the workforce and guests are obligatory to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and this includes; a helmet, goggles, a dust mask, overalls or work suit, safety shoes, gloves and earplugs. We also get habitual safeguarding operations to guarantee the secure management of our equipment.